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Adoptablez mania is a forum for posting you adoptables. Post your adoptable from any site, including Dragon Cave, MagiStream, Squiby. Free adoptable hatchery. Enjoy!
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 Forum rules

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:01 am

Rules are here for a reason, weather you want them or not.

No adult material
Includes art. If your adoptable contains aldult material, don't post it here.
No acceptions. Result is a warning.

No swearing
No exceptions. Result is a warning.

Don't double post. Edit your posts instead.
Acceptions: Bumping and reserving spaces.
You will get a 'fake' warning the first time, a reminder. If you're caught double posting again withing a week from the 'fake' warning, you will get a warning that goes towards a ban.

You can only bump your post if
It's gone on another page
Or its not the top post and hasn't had any reply in 48 hours (two days)
No acceptions. Abusing this will result in a warning.

Be nice.
Anything else that's mean, offensive and things along those lines are also not allowed.
If I (q1q2q3q4)  find someone being offensive in any way, I will send a warning. Moderators should also as well. But that warning will count as two. We take offensiveness very seriously here. If you're not sure if something is offensive, post it, but ask for a moderator to check it.
Message to moderators: if your unsure, ask me.

As good as being able to report bad users is, some people abuse that.
False reporting
By far one of the most annoying things to happen to you on a forums is getting false reported.
False reporting ends up in a warning.

As you may know, posting with your caps on is considered shouting on forums. Here you're ALLOWED to have your caps on. I'm perfectly fine with caps to trap peoples attention. However, there's some rules for this.
Don't 'shout' in a way that may seem offensive. Linking in with the be nice rule.
Whole posts CAN'T all be in capitals.
Anyone found abusing the caps will get a warning.

If you get so many warnings, you get banned.
Currently its 5 warnings and I'll tell you not to post for a week. If you post in that week, you get banned.
A total of 30 warnings and you're out.
Hey, 30 warnings is a lot, so if its serious, it goes down to 10.
Warnings will 'expire' after a month.

Multiple accounts
So, I have two accounts here. That's OK, because I'm not gonna go and get myself banned sometime soon. Moderators ARE allowed two accounts, provided they PM me so I know. Normal users CAN'T have multiple accounts. Sorry, but its to prevent banned users coming back. Any normal user with multiple accounts will get both of them banned. The only reason why moderators may have multiple accounts is for organization reasons and and stuff like that. Also, I generally don't use my other account. It's just there... because it is.
Normal users with multiple accounts get auto-banned. No warnings. Accept because I'm sometimes soft, their original account can get a second chance... If I feel they deserve it. But not often then. Razz

No 'mini modding'
Telling people to delete something or saying its against the rules when its not are examples of this. Even if it is against the rules - Leave the moderators and me to do that sort of thing. However, you may help and advise a newbie IF they ask for help. No more than that ok?
Result is a warning and a reputation for being annoying.  

Enjoy yourself.
Enjoy Adoptablez Mania, stick to the rules and have fun!
Post your adoptables here. Also, if you have a hatchery, feel free to advertise it here. Just post it in the right place, OK?
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Forum rules
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